3 Filters for Improving PBL: Equity, Inquiry, Literacy

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How can you improve project design to take learning deeper? Colleague Myla Lee and I have been exploring that topic in interactive workshops for ISTE and MACUL. Here’s our post about improving PBL by paying attention to equity, inquiry, and literacy. PBLNOW-info

Defining the Teacher’s Role in PBL

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In this post for ISTE blog, I connect the dots between ISTE Standards for Educators and the seven teaching practices highlighted in our new book, Project Based Teaching. Bottom line: The two frameworks have considerable overlap. Rather than choosing one or the other to guide your professional growth, think about “both/and” as the best way […]

3 Ways to Unlock the Wisdom of Colleagues

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Looking for strategies to bring more professional development into the regular school day? Take a look video case studies of three schools that have made teacher collaboration a priority with learning walks, teacher labs, and protocols to examine student work. 

Want More Civility? Try Citizenship Projects

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  Listening to other perspectives, disagreeing respectfully, knowing how to work toward consensus…are these lost arts in today’s increasingly uncivil society? It may seem that way if you’re spending much too time listening to talking heads who don’t know how to listen. All the more reason to introduce projects that emphasize the critical skills of […]

How to Connect with Community Partners

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One of my favorite case studies featured in my new book, All Together Now: How to Engage Your Stakeholders in Reimagining School, comes from Iowa. It’s the story behind Iowa BIG, a unique high school where students learn across the curriculum through community problem solving.  Making this model work requires students willing to stretch their […]

The Power of a Plant is HERE!

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After months of collaboration, Stephen Ritz and I are delighted to launch our new book this week. The Power of a Plant: A Teacher’s Odyssey to Grow Healthy Minds and Schools released Tuesday and is already rocketing up the charts at Amazon. For an introduction to the remarkable Green Bronx Machine program that Stephen has created […]

5 Lessons for Greening Your Curriculum

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Learn how to create an indoor classroom farm as the centerpiece of engaged learning. Tested tips from Stephen Ritz, founder of Green Bronx Machine. Read more. Proud to say our new book is out!

Q&A: The Art of Coding

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Q&A: The Art of Coding

Two educators on how to make learning computer science less daunting and more fun for students—and their teachers. First impressions matter. That’s equally true whether you’re meeting new people or encountering an unfamiliar subject like computer science. Kiki Prottsman, education director of Code.org, worries that too many students are getting a less-than-inspiring introduction to a […]

Turning the Community Into a Classroom

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Turning the Community Into a Classroom

See how students investigate real issues in their communities—and check out an e-book on how to adopt this type of program. When city planners in Portland, Oregon, were looking for ideas to make public spaces more inviting to youths across the region, they turned right to the source. Tyler White, a junior at De La […]